The Wrestler – Interview with Rionne “Fujiwara” McAvoy

The Wrestler
Interview with Rionne “Fujiwara” McAvoy
The Aiki Dialogues #3
by Simone Chierchini, Rionne McAvoy
USD 9.99

From Taekwondo wonder kid to Karate State Champion, from Hiroshi Tada Sensei’s Gessoji Dojo to the Aikikai Hombu Dojo and Yoshiaki Yokota sensei, Rionne “Fujiwara” McAvoy, a star in the toughest professional wrestling league in the world – Japan, has never been one for finding the easy way out.
In “The Wrestler”, Rionne McAvoy tells his story in martial arts and explains his strong views on Aikido, physical training and cross-training and reveals where he wants to go with his Aikido.

Table of Contents
The Way of the Father
Japan Enters the Equation
Training at the Gessoji Dōjo
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
From Yokota Sensei’s Aikido to Professional Wrestling
Is Aikidō Still an All-Encompassing Budō?
The Struggle of Being an Aikidoka and a Martialist
The Knights of the Blunt Edge Growing Up
Teaching Methodologies
The Good and the Bad of the Hombu Dōjo
Training and Teaching in Our Dysfunctional Family
Your Body Is Your Temple
Planning the Future

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PublisherThe Ran Network
Date: June 24, 2021
Paperback114 pages
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