The Traveler – “Find Your Way” – Interview with William T. Gillespie

The Traveler – “Find Your Way”
Interview with William T. Gillespie
The Aiki Dialogues #4
by Simone Chierchini, William T. Gillespie
USD 9.99

William T. Gillespie, the author of the book “Aikido in Japan and The Way Less Traveled”, is a pioneer of Aikido in China.
As the sign in his first Aikido Dojo in Los Angeles read, “Not even a million dollars can buy back one minute of your life”. This is why W.T. Gillespie resigned from a professional career as a trial attorney in Los Angeles, also leaving his position as an assistant instructor in Furuya sensei’s dojo.
He cast aside all the enviable benefits and considerable comforts of life in Southern California to move to Tokyo to devote himself to intensively study Aikido at the Aikikai World Headquarters.
Currently a 6th Dan Aikikai, his martial arts adventures in Japan and beyond to South East Asia, Korea and even The People’s Republic of China became a fantastic journey of self-discovery and personal
development that continues to unfold.

Table of Contents
About WT Gillespie
Good Old Days’ Stories
The Training Culture at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo
Furuya Sensei’s Helping Hand
Asa-keiko, the Morning Class
Balancing Life in Tokyo
Living With O-sensei’s Legacy in Japan
The True Greatness of Kisshomaru Ueshiba
The Yin/Yang of the Grading System in Aikidō
Searching for Aikidō Applied
The Aiki-body
Being an Aikidō Pioneer in China

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