The Sensei – About Yoji Fujimoto

The Sensei
About Yoji Fujimoto

The Aiki Dialogues #10
by Simone Chierchini, Roberto Travaglini, Ugo Montevecchi, Roberto Foglietta
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This publication endeavours to accomplish a very difficult task: that of bringing to life once again the voice and works of one of the most beloved figures of International Aikido.
Yoji Fujimoto sensei has been gone for nearly 10 years and has left behind thousands of students who have never stopped mourning him.
Since 1971, the year of his arrival in Italy, Fujimoto sensei has dedicated his whole life and all his energy to the practice of Aikido.
In this book, some of Fujimoto sensei’s senior students have tried, within the limits of their abilities and their memories, to evoke the figure and teaching of Fujimoto sensei.

Friendliness and Severity
From Cherries to the Palalido
Uke Is Almost More Important Than Tori
The Pedagogical Aspects of the Teacher-Student Relationship
The “Fujimoto Method”
Building a Physical, “Earthly” Aikidō
“Yukkuri! Yukkuri!”
‘I’m Alive… It Means There’s Ki’
Thanks Sensei!

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Publisher: ‎The Ran Network (February 12, 2022)
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