The Philosopher – Interview with André Cognard

The Philosopher
Interview with André Cognard
The Aiki Dialogues #6
by Simone Chierchini, André Cognard
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André Cognard is one of the most authoritative voices in contemporary international Budo.
Born in 1954 in France, he approached the world of martial arts at a very young age, dedicating himself to the intensive practice of various traditional Japanese disciplines.
In 1973 he met Hirokazu Kobayashi sensei, a direct disciple of O-sensei Morihei Ueshiba, a decisive event that led to his decision to devote himself exclusively to the practice and teaching of Aikido.
He received the rank of 8th Dan and on the death of his mentor inherited the leadership of the
international academy Kokusai Aikido Kenshukai Kobayashi Hirokazu Ryu – KAKKHR.
An “itinerant” teacher, a profound connoisseur of Japan and its traditions, André Cognard brings worldwide a technique – the Aikido of his Master; a human message – Aikido at the service of all; a spiritual message – Aikido which, like Man, reconnects with itself when it simply becomes Art.
This is the first publication in English language about André Cognard sensei and the perfect introduction to his Aikido concept.

The Journey Towards Kobayashi Sensei
The Specific Goal of Kobayashi-ryū
The Heart of Aikiken
Hierarchy: the Geometry of Relations
Using the Body to Understand the Mind
The Teacher-Student Relationship in Martial Arts
The Preventive Attack in Aikidō
“When I Am Writing, I Don’t Seek the Reader’s Approval”
The Practice and its Relationship with “Danger”
Studying Budō to Enrich One’s Aikidō
Aikidō and Professionalism
Aikidō Requires Us to Fight Every Day
Supplement – Aikidō: For an Undeferrable Spiritual Awakening
Biographical Notes

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