The Phenomenologist – Interview with Ellis Amdur

The Phenomenologist
Interview with Ellis Amdur
The Aiki Dialogues #1
by Simone Chierchini, Ellis Amdur
USD 9.99

Ellis Amdur is a renowned martial arts researcher, a teacher in two different surviving Koryu and a former Aikidō enthusiast. His books on Aikidō and Budō are considered unique in that he uses his own experiences, often hair-raising or outrageous, as illustrations of the principles about which he writes. His opinions are also backed by solid research and boots-on-the-ground experience. “The Phenomenologist” is no exception to that: read about Amdur’s point of view on Aikido and his debt to Daito-ryu, discover the differences between past and present at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, relive the tragic figure of Yoshio Kuroiwa, see what he has to say about any attempt at politicizing Budō training and much more.

Table of Contents
Discovering Aikidō
Father and Son
Aikikai Honbu Dojo Past and Present Kuroiwa vs Yamaguchi
Ukemi and Misogi
The Dawn of “Harmony light” in Aikidō
“Oh, I Don’t Need Any Power To Do That!”
The Cross-Training Dilemma
Ueshiba Morihei and Daitō-ryū
Filming Aiki
Performance Problems
Extending Ki
The “Big Equalizer”

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Date: May 6, 2021
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