The Budo Bum – Interview with Peter Boylan

The Budo Bum: Interview with Peter Boylan
The Aiki Dialogues #15
by Simone Chierchini, Peter Boylan
USD 11.99

Peter Boylan, the well-known ‘Budo Bum’, has been studying Japanese martial arts for over thirty years. After starting with Kodokan Judo, he moved to Japan, where he lived and studied martial arts for almost seven years, practised Iaido and Jodo, and was certified in two koryu.
In this book-interview Boylan offers many fundamental insights into Budo practice, using the approach that characterises his main work, ‘Musings of a Budo Bum’: he examines how we approach our practice, what motivates us and where we can work to grow.
This book addresses a number of interesting questions, suggesting answers that can help Budo enthusiasts take a better look at their practice and themselves.

The Origins of the Budo Bum
From Gendai to Koryu Budo
Finding One’s Place Through Training
Budo and Physical Confrontation
Classical Kata Is a Road Map for Your Training
Budo Training Is not for Everyone
Budo Happens All the Time
Adapting Budo
Balancing Different Levels of Practice
Training Without Martial Core
About the Role of the Budo Teacher
Budo Training is Dangerous
The Art of Peace?
Budo Doesn’t Require Rank
“All You Have to Do Is Show up and Practice”
About Peter Boylan

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