Inryoku – The Attractive Force – Interview with Gérard Blaize

Inryoku – The Attractive Force
Interview with Gérard Blaize

The Aiki Dialogues #5
by Simone Chierchini, Gérard Blaize
USD 9.99

Gérard Blaize, the first non-Japanese Aikido expert to receive the rank of 7th dan Aikikai, spent five and a half years in Japan where he studied Aikido at the Hombu Dōjō in Tōkyō following mainly Kisshomaru Ueshiba and Seigo Yamaguchi.
In 1975, he met Michio Hikitsuchi, one of the most respected personal students of the founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba, and followed his sole guidance until his teacher’s death in 2004.
Hikitsuchi Sensei was a Shinto priest as well as a high-ranked martial artist. In 1957, Hikitsuchi Sensei received from O Sensei the Masakatsu Bo Jutsu diploma in form of a scroll, as a teaching license in the training with Aikido’s staff. Furthermore, in 1969 he was personally awarded the 10th Dan rank by O-sensei.
Gérard Blaize has inherited and is still carrying the legacy of Hikitsuchi’s holistic Aikido to this day.

Book Contents
Biography of Michio Hikitsuchi
Biography of Gérard Blaize
Finding Hikitsuchi Sensei
A Strict Teacher
Hikitsuchi Sensei’s Rightful Place
The Gift of Katsugen Undō
Building an Aikidō Body
Inryoku, the “Attractive Force”
Is Suwari-waza a Relic From the Past?
What Happened to Atemi?
“Gestures” of Aikidō
Bukiwaza Stories
The Meaning of Expressive Freedom in Budō Training
Takemusu is Inryoku
Training in the Subtle Elements of the Art
“Waza Spring Forth from Kototama”
Praying the Kami
Crossing Paths with Itsuo Tsuda
Understanding the Founder
Has Morihei’s Dream Just Become Utopia?
Supplement: Key Points to Bear in Mind

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